Just A Glimpse-guillaume morissette

8 Jan

Below is one of the poems that was read at the first Synapse reading in November.

FAUXETRY- guillaume morissette

exclusive is just another word for lonely.
my penis is exclusive.
my penis is just another word for lonely.

full circles in poems are great.

utility belt, utility belt.
should I get fired for being the least happy person at work;
or should offices strive to achieve perfect mood balance amongst employees;
is mood discrimination also a form of discrimination;

it feels like what I would like is not a relationship as much as
celibacy minus loneliness.
my penis is celibacy minus loneliness.

in the last decade, the number of diagnosed cases of dementia
is far lower than what I expected it to be.

tuna is good for the mood.
I refuse to eat meat.
my bad mood is good for literature.
my penis is good for tuna, maybe.

full circles in poems are great.


guillaume morissette is a creative writing major at Concordia, which he thinks is the closest you can get to majoring in sadness. He’s the author of 0 novel, 0 novella, 0 short story collection and 0 poetry collection, however, during the summer, he’s part of cinequanon, a free weekly, outdoor cinema in the heart of the plateau. He is currently living in Montreal in a 4 bedroom apartment with a billion housemates, 0 wife, and an HP computer. His work portrays his ability to juxtapose sentences and words seamlessly, as he finds a way to fuse a classic format with modern vocabulary and ideas. His work has appeared in Lickety Split, and currently he is working on a short story collection exploring themes such as emails, groundhogs and the darkness within.

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