Just A Glimpse- Emma Healey

25 Jan

Below is one of the poems that was read at the first Synapse reading in November.


You exist but don’t get too excited you exist next to Jersey Shore chain bookstores the emergence of the soy latte as a cultural signifier, the word “unlike.” The slow consonance of billboards leading out. Your sulk makes our air taste like teeth and our libraries nasal with stuck fines we all want our roads back so try to be Other to shake it off here: Get a haircut. Resolve. Name your cat Morrissey after Morrissey and a bad day at work, stick your head in the fridge, call up other cities and fall apart when asked to hold. Locate your spine and then teach it new traffic collect lanes brakelights and keep it in clusters. Get complicated. At parties do way too close a reading of white wine corner someone and tell them populous has nothing to do with actual numbers. Get caught leaving a suburban Home Depot with two left taps and an unmatched faucet down your pants. Go on strike. Crush glasses in your sleep with the weight of your citizenry. Get a headache so hard it blooms a whole highway. Weigh your signage compile it and pull in a border; maybe try to let sprawling decide where the signs end for once. Heat your ambitions with every room, blush a new suburb when your airport gets a B+ in Mcleans. Impress yourself. Be at once posessed of knees and unraised; break a bridge for the fuck of it, push dissent with new trash cans and more karaoke bars. Breathe in – stray reciepts, lighter-shells, bike tires like details, resent – and trace back routes. Weather it.

Emma Healey

Emma Healey is a Creative Writing major and Philosophy minor at Concordia University. She is from Toronto but now lives in the plateau of Montreal. Her fiction has appeared in Joyland, Broken Pencil, Cellstories, Can’tLit and Gulch. She is the founder and editor in chief of the Incongruous Quarterly. Emma has established her own unique style and holds an astonishing ability to place you within the world of her prose poems. She was the 2010 recipient of the Irving Layton Award for poetry, for her poem “Begin With The End In Mind”, which she read at Synapse’s inaugural reading. She is currently working on many things, including a novel and improving her already excellent recipe for butternut squash risotto.

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