Thank You Elizabeth Bachinsky

20 Feb
We would like to thank, and now that the event is over, unveil the surprise guest reader. Thank you Elizabeth Bachinsky for making this event all the more beautiful with your writing.

Elizabeth Bachinsky is the author of three collections of poetry, CURIO, HOME OF SUDDEN SERVICE, and GOD OF MISSED CONNECTIONS. This year she is also Writer in Residence at University of the Fraser Valley. She has been nominated for the Pat Lowther Award, the Kobzar Literary Award, The George Ryga Award for Social Awareness in Literature, the Governor General’s Award for Poetry, and the Bronwen Wallace Award. She lives in Vancouver where she teaches creative writing and serves as editor for Event..

All of Liz’s work vibrates with the absolute clarity of the physical, emotional, and intellectual aspects of her persona. Whether we are in the mind of a check out girl, a lost boy, Antonin Artaud , a daughter looking back at her family history, the speaking subjects in her poems are startlingly grounded and vivid, saying the unexpected, the thing you want to say but restrain yourself from saying, and saying it well.

Whether she is hanging out in the traditional or avant end of the pond, Bachinsky’s work “contains the same sharp intelligence and sense of audacious whimsy” to quote Zoe Whittall. Or to quote K Silem Mohammad, “she writes for us, the inheritors of a debased estate in which the last elegiac strains are heard chiefly as canned schmaltz piped into the corridors.”

Bachinksy is one of the few Canadian poets who experiment beyond perceived poetic boundaries, offering us sonnet sequences, and anagrams, and more recently Tweets, while sustaining a singular voice that expresses her varied preoccupations. In her hands form is not a weapon, not a way to stake out territory or put up barriers, but rather an invitation to play.


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