18 Nov

synapsemtl synapseI want to dance with your wife.
synapsemtl synapseTo tide the stiff construction
synapsemtl synapseof her hide with moon beams
synapsemtl synapse& yarrow fronds. I want to
synapsemtl synapseoutrage the white’s of her eyes
synapsemtl synapsewith a slow deliberate massage
synapsemtl synapsefive centimetres above her head.

We go for a coffee.
You’re still married,
you say. Still unhappy.
I am still unmarried,
I say, still unhappy.

synapsemtl synapsemtl synapsemtl synapsemtl
from “Song for Your Wife”
synapsemtl synapsemtl synapsemtl
aJbishop is a graduate student at Concordia, exploring the druidic poet Taliesin and re-inhabiting Celtic indigenous perspectives with verse. Her poetry can be previously found in Existere, Soliloquies, and Headlight.


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